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Contracted Manufacturing [Production lines]
Carton line
Volume 300ml / 500ml
  720ml / 900ml
1000ml / 1800ml

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This container features good stability for product storage and is suitable for long-shelf life products, because of it has an aluminum layer cutting almost 100 % of natural UV. Another feature of this carton is its light weight resulting in economical delivery cost of products.

Bottle line
Mini bottles (30 ml or 50 ml), providing perfect drinkable servings, or larger bottles (100 ml – 900 ml) are available. These bottles are suitable for products of high value, because of their many different attractive designs in a variety of styles, colors and textures.
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Soft capsule, hard capsule, tablet and granules
Manufacturing of other health foods besides soft drinks is outsourced to our contracted manufacturers.
Our products are made in health food GMP or ISO9001 certificated factories, under strict quality management from raw materials through final shipping.


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